Top Organic Gardening Soils for a Natural Garden

Organic Gardening Soil

Every gardener wants to have the perfect vegetables, fruits and flowers. However, the question is, what type of soil will make for a natural garden? There are so many types of gardening soils out there that one can easily get confused as to the right one to use. Whether your aim is to grow the […]

5 Natural Pest Control Options

Organic Pest Control

Many studies have revealed the dangers of pesticides; from Alzheimer’s disease, cancer to birth defects. They are also one of the main causes of run-off pollution. Having pests in your garden reaping where they didn’t sow can be a real pain. But how can rid yourself of these pests and avoid dangerous pesticides? In this article, […]

Neem Oil For Your Garden – Guide

Neem Oil for Gardens

If you enjoy growing your own vegetables, then you know the frustration that comes from finding them ruined by pests and insects. Of course, there are many types of insecticides in the marketplace, but how many of those are safe? Most commercial pest control ‘mixtures’ contain chemicals that can be harmful to both your crops […]

Aquaponics – A Quick Guide


No doubt there is a lot of benefits with homegrown food. But, what if you don’t have enough outdoor space for a garden in your home? Or maybe you live in a cold climate that will make gardening quite a chore. You’re not alone on this, as a lot of people are facing this challenge […]

Beginner Vertical Garden Tips

Beginner Vertical Garden Tips

If you’re looking to make your space more lively and green, but are living in a smaller area, you can add a vertical garden to your home. Whether you live in an apartment or a smaller home with little yard space, you can grow up rather than grow out your own garden. A vertical garden […]

7 Superior Indoor Garden Kits

7 superior indoor gardens

Having a green thumb and living inside an apartment or a house that doesn’t include much of a yard can be initially disappointing. But thankfully, there are 7 superior indoor garden kits that allow you to keep your home green, lively, and vivacious. One of these seven kits is sure to fit perfectly into your […]

Top 5 Starter Aquaponics Kits

Fish for Aquaponics

Have you always wanted to maintain a garden but found it difficult to manage one due to time and space constraints? You should check out these top 5 starter aquaponics kits! Although they may seem complicated, operating an aquaponic rig is surprisingly easy. They don’t require much maintenance and need little space. Hydroponics is the […]

Top 8 Gardening Tools

Healthy eating and homegrown food

Just like a painter is nothing without his/her painting brushes/rollers, a gardener is nothing without the right tools needed to tend to his/her garden. Admittedly, there are a lot of gardening tools available, but you’ll probably not be needing all of them at once. However, some tools are so important that you can’t do without […]

7 Ways to Grow Your Own Food

herbs for indoor garden

One of the most satisfying things you could do as a person is cultivating your food. It is not only satisfying, but it cuts down the cost you spend on groceries and provides you with fresher and healthier fruits and veggies. There are a lot of ways to grow your own food, and we have […]

10 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

Grow your own food

Homegrown food has many advantages over store bought. If you’re considering growing your own food, read on for ten reasons you should discover your own green thumb. 1. Gardening Is Good for Your Mind & Body Gardening involves a lot of movement– bending over to pull weeds or harvest crops, raking, watering, and planting all […]