Top 5 Starter Aquaponics Kits

Fish for Aquaponics

Have you always wanted to maintain a garden but found it difficult to manage one due to time and space constraints? You should check out these top 5 starter aquaponics kits! Although they may seem complicated, operating an aquaponic rig is surprisingly easy. They don’t require much maintenance and need little space.

Hydroponics is the art of growing plants by using only water without any soil. Aquaponics builds on this by using fish for fertilizing the plants. Aquaponics rigs make use of fish that live in a special pond or tank. These fish produce waste products that are broken down into nutrients by bacteria. A pump is used for delivering this water to the plants that are located above this tank. Some aquaponics systems prefer to bypass the pump & expose their plants’ roots to the water directly. As a result, both fish and plants are able to benefit from this since plants clean and filter the water before it’s returned back to the tank.

There are a number of quality aquaponics kits for purchase on the market today, which may confuse if you’re looking to purchase one. This article will help you learn more about the best aquaponics kits available today.

Penn Plax Aquaponic Fish Tank

If you’re looking for an efficient and cheap way to grow one single plant, the Penn Plax Aquaponic Fish Tank can do the trick. It is small, so it is possible to have multiple units for growing more plants together. This rig consists of one planter at the tank’s top and one cylindrical fish tank that can accommodate a fish. There isn’t a pump provided here but the plant’s roots are directly exposed to the water tank.

Sweetsea Wall-Mounted Garden

This rig is best for people who do not have adequate space. It includes a planter and a fish tank. The plant’s roots have direct exposure to the water tank, which can accommodate 1 – 2 small fish.

Eco Qube C Aquarium

The Eco Qube C is perfect for a low-light atmosphere. It has a compact fish tank capable of accommodating 1 betta. The water pump can send water to the planter located at the top all the way from the water tank below. An LED light is included, which will affect the fish and the plants positively.

G&B Floating Pond Planter Basket Kit

If you have a cute koi pond in your backyard, you should definitely go for this option. It’s a simple floating planter in which the roots go through the planter’s bottom and directly exposed to the water. Waste produced by the fish living in the koi pond fertilizes the plants.

Back To The Roots Water Garden

This kit is a compact mini aquaponics rig that you can select if your intention is to grow microgreens or herbs. This system includes a planter on top and a fish tank, along with a water pump that supplies your plants. You will have to buy the fish separately though. However, there’s a coupon you can use for reducing your expenses.

In Conclusion

Aquaponics is a simple and easy technique for growing your own healthy food. These rigs are available in a number of different styles and sizes, which means that everybody can find an option that appeals to them. People with an interest in gardening but without the space, lighting conditions, or the time to follow through should definitely consider getting an starter aquaponics kit. 

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