Garden Vegetables That Don’t Require Much Water

Garden Vegetables Water

Are you getting ready to plant your garden for the summer? If you live in a dry area, consider these garden vegetables that don’t require a lot of water for a bountiful veggie garden in even the driest climates!

Drought-Tolerant Veggies for Your Garden

A veggie garden is an excellent way to work your green thumb and grow some delicious, organic, and healthy vegetables for you and the whole family! Unfortunately, droughts have become a common occurrence in many parts of the country, and growing vegetables in the summer has become more challenging for gardeners.

If you live in an area expecting a dry, arid summer, you have to prepare your garden. Plenty of vegetables are either bred explicitly for drought resistance or naturally thrive in dry, arid climates.

Thanks to their deep roots, beans such as lima, pole, and tepary beans are popular choices. Chickpea, Black-Eyed, and field peas are also known to grow in otherwise hostile conditions. Other garden vegetables that don’t require much water include:

Tips for Conserving Water for Your Garden

Even if you decide to grow vegetables that can survive in harsh conditions, you’ll still need some water for your garden. Understanding how to conserve water for your lawn or garden will help your vegetables prosper without significantly raising your water bill.

Add an Irrigation System

You may think that an irrigation system requires a lot of water, but the point of this tool is to help you use your water more efficiently. Irrigation systems water your garden the necessary amount and do it in the most efficient way possible.

You can also consider an automatic rain-shutoff device that ensures you don’t use up water in your garden when it’s already raining.

Install a Rainwater Barrel

It may not rain much where you live, but you can still catch what rain does fall in a rainwater barrel and put it to good use! Rainwater barrels are becoming more popular by the year as they give homeowners free, usable water, and some municipalities even offer incentives for installing one!

Consider Using Mulch

One of the best methods for conserving water for a garden is using mulch. Mulch is affordable and effective as it helps keep the root zone of your vegetables cool and retains moisture in the soil. However, not every mulch is the same, so consult local experts as you search for the best option in your region.

As you can see, there are plenty of garden vegetables that don’t require a lot of water. So which will you choose to plant? Will you go with a row of corn or some simple lima beans? Remember our tips for conserving water in your garden to help whatever hardy veggies you choose through the season!

Garden Vegetables That Don’t Require Much Water