Growing Oranges in a Greenhouse

Orange Tree Indoors

Oranges are among the most commonly grown fruits in greenhouses as they can be quite easy to grow and provide you with the freshest possible fruit in the off-season. Plus, the taste of a fresh orange will always trump that of the one you will find in your supermarket. So, if you are planning on […]

How to Grow a Banana Tree

Growing A Banana Tree

Growing bananas is not very difficult, but it does require some work. Having a banana tree in your garden can actually help you in multiple ways. For example, the vast size of the banana leaves can provide you with shade from the scorching heat. The banana leaves are also great for feeding cattle. Most importantly, […]

How to Grow Pomegranate From Seed

Grow Pomegranate From Seeds

Growing fruits from a seed is an art that demands preparation and determination. That being said, growing plants is not as complicated as it may sound. Not only is gardening therapeutic but also satisfying. By the end of this journey, you will be able to harvest some delicious homegrown fruits! Growing pomegranate from seed is […]

How to Grow Banana Peppers

growing banana peppers

As the name indicates, banana peppers belong to the pepper family. These peppers are slender and yellow in color. Banana peppers have been named so due to their stark similarity with the banana fruit. They are also given other names such as banana chili and yellow wax peppers (because of their waxy skin). These peppers […]

How to Grow Fig Trees

How to Grow Fig Trees

Figs are among the oldest fruits known to humankind and are native to the Middle East and northwestern Asia. However, surprisingly, fig trees are highly adaptable to different temperatures and climates and are grown in different parts of the world. All you really need is a sunny, sheltered spot and a bit of patience, and […]

Growing Lavender – Add Beauty and Fragrance to Backyard

Growing Lavender

Lavender is a great plant to have growing in your backyard garden. Most gardeners love this plant as it has a pleasant fragrance and is also great for your skin. Lavender is a perennial plant which means it lives more than two years. It also adds to the beauty of your garden by attracting loads […]