How To Know You Are Buying Fresh Produce From a Farmers Market

Farmers Market Fresh

As devoted gardeners, we can grow a lot on our own, but our gardens don’t have room for everything. Fortunately, food lovers shouldn’t have a hard time finding fresh produce in their neighborhood because most communities have farmers markets. No matter where you live, you’ll likely be able to find a nearby farmers market that occurs regularly, where vendors sell baked goods, homegrown crops, and other delights.

Shopping at a farmers market is a great way to support small businesses while collecting food for healthy meals, but have you ever wondered if the food you purchase is fresh? If so, this guide will tell you how to know you are buying fresh produce from a farmers market.

Know Which Foods Are in Season Before You Go

Depending on when you visit the market, you might find that the growing season for certain crops is already over. If this is the case, you won’t find them at the farmers market, so learning the growing schedule for each food will help you plan out what you want to buy. Although you can find any type of produce at the grocery store no matter what season it is, the whole point of going to a farmers market is to receive the freshest local food available.

Write Out a List of What You Plan To Buy

After researching which foods are in season, make recipe plans for the week and purchase the ingredients you need at the farmers market. Before any shopping trip, you want to create a list of what to buy then bring it with you when you go. Planning out your meals ahead of time helps you save money, makes shopping easier, and motivates you to make healthy decisions.

Overbuying is a common conundrum for grocery shoppers, but this is less likely to occur when you plan your list in advance. However, if you see something that catches your eye, feel free to step outside of your comfort zone. Finally, be sure to get there early so that you have the option of purchasing the freshest produce.

Reach Out to Vendors If You Want More Information or Have Questions

Each food will have different attributes that let you know when it’s at peak freshness. If you don’t know what to look out for, do more research at home before going or ask one of the vendors, and they can let you know.

They aren’t just there to sell products; they can also educate community members about their crops and participate in the neighborhood festivities. In short, they know how to keep produce fresh at farmers markets.

Overall, the farmers market is a great way to interact with your neighbors, relax, and eat healthy food. So after learning how to know you are buying fresh produce from a farmers market, go to one and purchase some goods today!

How To Know You Are Buying Fresh Produce From a Farmers Market