Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits of 2020 – Comprehensive Guide


Gardening is an art, and a science all rolled into one not-always-so-pretty package. If you’re not privy to the techniques and principles that govern cultivation, you may not get the results you hope for. A great way to dip your toe into the gardening pool is by investing in some indoor herb garden kits. Why […]

Save Money and Improve Your Health: How to Create a Home Garden for Medicinal Mushrooms

Create a Home Garden for Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms have several medicinal properties. They can regulate blood sugar, detoxify, and even improve immunity against some cancers. And that’s only the beginning for the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. If you want more mushrooms in your life, the best way is to grow them yourself. Then you don’t have to worry about organic markets and […]

The Top 6 Secrets of Growing Strawberries Indoors Year Round

Growing Strawberries Indoors

What do strawberries and tennis have in common? Well, we’d sure like to know, considering that more than 28 tons worth of strawberries are consumed at Wimbledon every single year. Imagine growing that many strawberries indoors? To be fair, 28,000 bottles of champagne, 7,000 liters of fresh cream, and 350,000 cups of tea and coffee […]

How to Save Organic Vegetable Seeds: Seed Saving Guide

Saving Seeds

Have you ever had cherry tomatoes that tasted so good, you cried a little on the inside when they were over? Or bell peppers that were so sweet, they added instant pizzazz to every salad you made? If only you had saved their organic vegetable garden seeds so that you could have more of them […]

Growing Tomatoes Indoors – A Step by Step Guide

growing tomatoes indoors

No taste quite matches the taste of fresh tomatoes. It’s hard to even find the right words to describe such a succulent taste. But if you don’t have a garden, you can’t grow them. And once winter hits, you don’t get fresh tomatoes. Right? What if I told you that you could grow tomatoes indoors […]

Understanding Different Types of Mushrooms – What You Need to Know

different types of mushroom

Fungi can be a tricky food to look for. It’s known for its health benefits, is high in nutrients, and there are tons of mushrooms to choose from. For mushrooms that are easy for cooking, tossing into a soup, using as a meat substitute, and more, read on to find out about the different types of […]

Balcony Vegetable Garden – Growing Vegetables in Pots

Balcony Vegetable Garden – Growing Vegetables in Pots

Sometimes you don’t have a big yard to work with or the ability to get on your hands and knees to plant vegetables. And a balcony vegetable garden is a good way to battle that issue. But if you want a balcony vegetable garden, you’ll have to grow vegetables in pots. There are steps you […]

How to Build and Maintain an Indoor Vertical Garden for Medicinal Herbs

How to Build and Maintain an Indoor Vertical Garden for Medicinal Herbs

Vertical gardens are popular for their creative and beautiful aesthetic. The fact that they save you space is only one of the benefits to one of these unique gardens.
One of the best things about an indoor vertical garden is that it’s the perfect way to grow medicinal herbs. And you can create one inside your home or apartment without taking up a lot of room.
Here, we’re going to tell you what you need to know to build and maintain an indoor vertical garden. Once you have your herbs growing strong, give vertical gardening a try with fruits and veggies, too.