The Best Ways To Help Your Plants Grow in Your Garden

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Starting a garden is an exciting thing every family should consider; just remember that it will not be easy. There’s a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can grow, but they all are different, and each requires specific care and maintenance. Continue reading to learn some of the best ways to help your plants grow in your garden.

Brew Some Compost Tea

A compost pile is a great way to take your leftover food scraps and dead vegetation outside and leave it to grow healthy nutrients and microorganisms. You can use your compost to help stir the growth of your garden, but depending on what’s in your compost pile, you could throw some items that stink or attract a lot of pests. If you’re scared this may be the case with your compost pile, consider brewing some compost tea, where you boil some of your compost pile into a liquid solution. This solution will not be edible for you, but your garden will love it, as it will be full of those same microorganisms but without the smell or ability to attract pests and other wildlife.

Compost Tea Brewer

If you are unfamiliar with a compost tea brewer, you can buy a complete compost tea brewing kit.

The Complete Compost Tea Brewer Kit from TeaLab comes with everything you need to start brewing a nutrient-dense liquid your garden will love.

The kit comes with a TeaLAB Brew Bag, BubbleSnake Aerator, Bucket, and Air Pump. The nice thing it comes with all hoses and fittings. Includes a LifeCube Compost, FishBall Activators, Insect Frass, 5:2-Humic Acid & Kelp Extract, and a Chlorine Test Kit.

The BubbleSnake is the a super-widget that makes brewing easy. The BrewBag is so durable you can use it to scrub out the bucket between brews. The air pump is commercial quality.

Think About Your Equipment

Equipment is a broad term here because it can encompass the soil you use, your water quality, and any tools you’ll use to plant, grow, and harvest your garden. Invest in quality equipment, and think about how you’ll use the equipment. For example, all plants need water, but you could be watering them incorrectly.

Hose Nozzle Settings Matter

Your hose-nozzle settings impact plant growth, so ensure you use the proper settings for the appropriate plants. A hose is better than a sprinkler because it can adequately water plants, but you must use gentler nozzle settings, such as the shower setting, for smaller plants. The full or flat setting is better for hardier vegetables that are difficult to reach.

Gardening Hose Nozzles

Here is one of our favorite options for a Garden Hose Nozzle for gardening.

The INNAV8 Water Hose Nozzle Sprayer has 10 water spray pattern settings. Also has a thumb control designed to operate effortlessly. Simply push the switch up with your thumb to turn it on and control the water flow. The INNAV8 hose nozzle comes with a 12 month warranty

Take Care of Weeds

If you want your garden to thrive and look pretty, you must eradicate those pesky weeds. It’s critical to keep your garden looking well-manicured, but it is also important for helping your plants grow. Weeds can leech different nutrients and water away from your plants, so you should eliminate weeds as soon as possible and do everything you can to prevent them from returning. A thin layer of grass clippings can prevent weed growth and keep moisture within the soil but be sure to only use grass because any potential weed seeds there would have the opposite effect.

Plants for Helping to Prevent Weeds

We’ve also written an entire article dedicated to what plants you can include in your garden to prevent weeds.

Help Your Plants Grow – Conclusion

Help grow your garden and nourish your plants with these tips. Soon you’ll have a thriving jungle of edible plants in your backyard. However, these tips aren’t going to take care of the entire garden if you do them once. You must still get out there every day and deliver quality care and love to your plants if you want them to thrive.

Photo by Steven Weeks on Unsplash

The Best Ways To Help Your Plants Grow in Your Garden