Creative Vertical Garden Ideas You Should Try

vertical Garden

For vertical gardening, the best type of plant is typically the vining variety, and there are many. These plants will take off and fill your space in no time to give a beautiful array of leaves, fruit, and even flowers depending on the plant. Here are a few creative vertical garden ideas you should try this summer while it’s still hot enough to grow.

Use a Fence for Vertical Gardening

Plants that work well with vertical-style gardening typically like to crawl. This means that they creep and vine their way through things. Some bushes are like this, too, and you’ll know when you have a vine because they will get everywhere without something to latch on to. A chain link fence is great for climbing plants because it gives the plants a place to grip and wrap around. Over time, the vines may even cover the fence so much that you won’t be able to see it.

Utilize a Roof

If you want to add a little flair to your shed or house, you could grow vining plants to cover your roof or even the side of your home. This could be attractive, especially if the plant likes to bloom. You may have to trim it back occasionally to keep it from taking over your house, but it would otherwise be a beautiful addition.

Build an Arch

If you want a more traditional trellis style, consider building an arch. If you have any old wood lying around, nail it together to form an arch or even a teepee to allow your plants to grow. This will save you space and provide the plants with a place to grow out of harm’s way, but it will also have other uses. It can be a place of solace where you come to enjoy the quiet and smell the flowers so that you can bask in all that you have created.

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Vertical Garden Ideas Wrap Up

This was just a means to highlight a few creative vertical garden ideas you should try if you want to try something new. You can also read our article on using vertical gardens for growing herbs indoors. You might find that this is a better method of growing certain plants than the one you used before.

Creative Vertical Garden Ideas You Should Try