Best Fast Growing Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees take at least seven to 10 years before they are ready to start producing fruit. This may cause most gardeners to drop the idea of eating freshly grown fruit of their own altogether. However, instead of growing average trees, you can grow some of the fast-growing fruit trees in your backyard that take 3 to 4 years to start producing fruit.

Fill Your Fridge with Fast Growing Fruit Trees

During springtime these trees will fill your garden with beautiful blossoms which will draw a lot of butterflies and bees, adding more life to your garden. Moreover, once they start producing fruit, you will realize that plucking fruit from your own trees is not only extremely rewarding and pleasurable, but the fruit is also way more flavourful and filled with nutrients than the store-bought fruit you are used to eating. Here are some of the best fast-growing fruit trees that you can grow in your garden.

Top Fast Growing Fruit Trees

While this isn’t a complete list of trees you can choose to start enjoying the fruits of your labor, we believe this is a great variety of “fruits” to enjoy.

Early Harvest Apple Tree

apple tree

The early harvesting apple tree is a high-yielding variety of apple trees that you can plant in your garden. As the name suggests this variety is known for producing a full harvest much earlier than a regular apple tree. This variety is native to New York and produces golden apples that are ready for harvest by July. When fully matured these trees can be 20 to 25 feet in height and can spread around 25 feet. Another more common fast-growing apple tree is the popular Red Delicious Apple Tree. Either choice will have you baking pies in no time.

Early harvest apple trees also have a dwarf variety which is more suitable for gardens. These trees bloom white to pinkish flowers during early to mid-season and can start producing fruit in three years. On the other hand, standard early harvest apple trees take up to six years to start producing fruit.

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry trees are fast growers, and typically grow 2.5 feet per year. When fully mature these trees can grow well over 15 feet so make sure to give them plenty of space to flourish. These trees will start producing fruit after three years between June and August. Let the fruit get dark before harvesting because the darker the color of the product, the sweeter it tends to be.

Keep in mind that mulberries are very tender and delicate and if not harvested properly will turn your garden into a sticky mess. So, be ready to harvest once the fruit is ripe. There are two ways to harvest mulberries, you can either pick the fruit by hand or collect it by shaking the tree. The first method is very impractical as it takes way too much time. If you want to pick a lot of fruit it is best to place an old sheet under the tree and give it a good shake.

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

Native to Asia, lemons have been used by the Chinese people since 500 BC. Lemon trees are among the fastest-growing fruit trees and can grow up to 20 feet tall and around 15 feet wide. Lemon trees thrive in areas that have a consistently high enough temperature because they can’t survive in cold environments. They grow best in tropical and semi-tropical conditions and thrive in environments where they get low to moderate rainfall through mild winters. That said we have an article about how to grow a lemon tree indoors.

However, if your environment isn’t suitable for lemon trees to survive outdoors, you can try growing Meyer lemons which grow well indoors. It is a dwarf variety that you bring indoors when the weather becomes unsuitable during the winter. One of the best things about planting lemon trees is that they start producing fruit the year after planting and give you a complete harvest just after three years.

Mandarin Fruit tree

Mandarin Fruit tree Fast Growing Fruit Trees

The Mandarin tree is a citrus tree, however, the difference is that it isn’t as difficult as lemons or oranges to grow. If you are new to growing citrus trees, it is best to start with a mandarin tree. Moreover, mandarin trees have dwarf varieties that can grow in different environments. However, remember to bring your trees indoors if you get harsh winters or any frost. You can put it in a heated garage or a greenhouse during the winter seasons and bring it back out when the weather becomes a bit more suitable.

If you want to get a quick harvest from your mandarine trees it is best to grow them from grafted trees which will give you a harvest in two to three years. On the other hand, if you grow a mandarin tree from seeds, it will take around seven years before you see the first harvest.

Fig Tree

Fig Tree Fast Growing Fruit Trees

Fig trees are known for producing a quick harvest and are quite easy to grow. They grow in warm weather so it is best to plant them in a pot so you can move them indoors during the winter season. One of the best things about fig trees is that they can start producing a full harvest within two years.

If your climate is suitable for growing fig trees you can plant them outside as that will give your trees a chance to grow much taller, wider, and healthier. Your trees will still give you a harvest within the first two years but it will get the chance to keep growing taller quite rapidly within the first five years. If you want to eat fresh, exotic fruit plucked right from your garden, fig trees are a great option.

Pear Tree

Pear Tree Fast Growing Fruit Trees

Pear trees have a wide range of varieties that grow well in different USDA zones. Remember that not all varieties of pear trees produce a quick harvest so be sure to choose the right one. Pear trees generally grow around 20 feet tall and are susceptible to fewer diseases and pests which makes them a lot easier to grow.

The best thing about pear trees is that they can thrive in environments where there is cold winter and cool summer. In order to have a regular development, pear trees need about 400-800 hours of exposure to temperatures below 7 °C. Some varieties can take up to 10 years to start producing fruit while others can produce a full harvest within 4 years. So, if you are thinking about adding some of these trees to your garden, here are some tools and products that might help.

Best Fast Growing Fruit Trees