7 Best Garden Aprons For Keeping Clean

a woman using garden apron

Working in the garden, tilling the soil, amending the planting bed, and watering plants can get quite messy. If you don’t want to spoil your clothes, you’ll need to put on a garden apron. That’s not the only reason why you’d like to wear an apron. Garden aprons include pockets to carry all your gardening gear with ease, and let’s face it – it looks cool wearing it! 

What should you look for when picking out a garden apron. What are the best choices in the market right now? Continue reading, and you’ll find some useful buying advice, together with reviews for the best garden aprons for 2021. 

Buying Advice – What To Look For In Garden Aprons?

first garden apron

If you’re buying your very first garden apron, there are some considerations you’ll need to keep in mind. Here are some factors that will help you choose the right one:

  • Durable Material

Material is everything when buying garden aprons that will last long. Choose the one made from thick, durable material that will survive through rough use and can carry sharp tools, like pruners, without getting torn.

Garden Apron With Pockets

You’ll be carrying some essential gardening tools in your garden apron. Garden aprons with pockets are the best option. Useful garden aprons feature deep pockets that make it easy to access your gear when you’re busy working in the garden. Some have extra-large pockets, which you can use as a basket when collecting the season’s harvest. 

  • Size

Since you’ll be wearing it, you should feel comfortable in it. Pick something that’s your size so you can easily focus on your gardening chores rather than fidgeting with your apron. Better yet, get adjustable garden aprons so that everyone in the family can use them easily.

  • Easy To Wash

Keeping your clothes clean, your garden apron is going to be the one that takes all the dirt from the yard work. Choose garden aprons that are easy to wash, preferably machine washable. Polyester and nylon are good options. 

  • Style 

Style is entirely up to you. Choose what you’ll love wearing the most. Blue jean garden aprons are great options. They’re trendy, can go a long time without washing since dirt won’t easily show on these, and they’ll go with almost anything you wear. 

Garden Aprons Reviews 2021

There are loads of garden aprons in the market, but few are thoughtfully designed to cater to a gardener’s needs. Those are the ones that we’ve added to our recommended list. Browse through our selection of the best garden aprons to choose the one you’ll love wearing through the upcoming growing seasons. 

1. Roo Garden Apron

This is a convenient garden apron from Roo that won’t just carry your tools while you’re busy working, but it’s also great for collecting your harvest! It has a broad opening at the top, where you’ll toss the produce while harvesting. There’s also an opening at the bottom, which you can open when it’s time to drop the harvest into the sink. 

It’s made with durable cotton canvas that’s lined with water-resistant nylon to keep your clothes and your harvest dry. The material is machine-washable, so you can clean it up quickly every time it gets too dirty. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about the size with this one since it’s got adjustable cotton straps that will fit anyone. Overall, gardeners love everything about Roo garden apron.

2. Readywares Waxed Canvas Utility Apron

Another one of the gardener’s favorite, this product is among the best garden aprons with pockets you’ll find in the market. It’s a long apron that will protect much of your clothes and works perfectly for both men and women. Waist and neck straps are all adjustable, so anyone can wear them with a customized fitting.

Other than keeping your clothes clean, you’ll also find three sizeable pockets to carry all your gardening gear. There are a chest pocket and two waist pockets, all of which are easily accessible when you need to reach them. You can keep your larger tools in the double loop, while the single loop works great for small hand tools. 

The water-resistant canvas material may feel a bit stiff initially, but it will get softer with use. While it offers good durability and a timeless look, you’ll need to be a little careful washing it. Handwashing is best for this apron. Using detergent or machine wash will damage the fabric’s wax. Overall, it isn’t just an excellent buy for any gardener but will also work great for woodwork, bbq, carpentry, and bartending.

3. Personalized Denim Gardening Apron

For anyone looking for stylish blue jean garden aprons, this one is a great choice. This simplistic yet elegant design can be personalized with the gardener’s name at the corner. You’ll just need to give the name and the print color at the time of ordering. You can also choose between black denim and indigo blue. No matter which color you pick, the jeans fabric will make sure it won’t scratch or tear easily, even when used roughly. 

It’s got four reasonably sized pockets where you can stash some tools and an adjustable strap to offer the perfect fitting for everyone. The gorgeous garden apron makes a great gift for anyone who loves gardening. 

4. Napa Valley 7 Pocket Gardener’s Apron

Napa Valley 7 Pocket Gardener's Apron

If you have lots of stuff to carry with you while gardening, you’ll need one of the best garden aprons with pockets. This garden apron by Napa Valley has seven spacious pockets to hold your gardening gloves, seed packets, tools, and everything else you want to fit in there. There’s also a plastic-lined pocket to keep your sharp tools, like pruners. The outer pockets are mesh, so you can keep all your dirty tools without making a mess.

Available in a beautiful sage green, it works for both men and women and has adjustable straps to fit everyone perfectly. The fabric won’t get dirty easily and can take much abuse without showing any tear or scratches. Overall, it offers a fair price for all the incredible features it offers.

5. Kent & Stowe Gardeners Full-Length Garden Apron

Kent & Stowe Gardeners Full-Length Garden Apron

If you’re looking for good coverage to protect your everyday clothes from all the dirt and splashes, Kent & Stowe’s full-length garden apron is the perfect one for you. The long apron nicely covers you with durable canvas fabric as you work through your daily gardening chores.

The canvas has a waterproof PVC coating over it to keep your clothes dry even through the wet chores. The large front pockets are made with faux suede, where you can carry all your gear without worrying about tearing the fabric. Besides being a favorite of gardeners, it also works great for housework, cooking, cleaning, and decorating. 

6. Roo Purple Garden And Harvest Smock

Roo Purple Garden And Harvest Smock

Roo garden apron is practical, versatile, stylish, and durable, which is why we’re adding another one to our list. Other than being a great garden apron for women, it’s a harvest smock you can put on when collecting your garden’s produce at the end of the season. It works great for harvesting, weeding, and anything else that calls for hands-free collecting. Just keep putting everything in the big front pocket and empty the contents with the cylinder chute at the bottom. 

The purple cotton canvas isn’t just stylish for female gardeners; it’s also machine washable for easier cleaning when it gets too dirty to use. Since it’s got adjustable straps, you can easily customize it to your fitting and work with ease. 

7. Homegrown Gourmet Harvest Apron

Homegrown Gourmet Harvest Apron

Don’t want anything too fancy? This is a minimalistic garden apron you can put on before your yard work. It won’t just give you a professional look but also offers some practical benefits. With adjustable neck and waist straps, it easily fits anyone, while four deep front pockets hold all your gardening gear, making sure they’re easily accessible when you need them. The apron is waterproof and easy to wash. 

Garden Apron DIY

garden apron diy

If you want to save some bucks, you can easily create a professional-looking garden apron on your own. You don’t need to be a sewing expert for garden apron DIY. With minimum tools and experience, you can create your own personalized garden apron! For the simplest design, just cut out a rectangular piece of durable fabric, attach some front pockets to it along with straps around the neck and waist. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew it with hand; it will barely take you minutes.  

Best Garden Aprons Conclusion

These were the garden aprons we like the best. They’re easy to use, versatile, and won’t drill a hole in your pocket. They’re reasonably priced, and for the features they offer, worth every penny. No matter which one you choose from our list, you’ll love gardening even more when you have a good garden apron on.