Heirloom Vegetables – 6 Advantages to Growing Your Own

heirloom vegetables

Industrialized, large scale agriculture is blamed for a long list of problems in the modern world. To increase yield, improve transportability and freshness, and build resilience to drought, floods, weeds, and pests, farmers and food scientists in this sphere have modified seeds at the genetic level. They have introduced pesticides and herbicides that have permanently […]

Can you Grow an Avocado Tree Indoors?

sliced avocado

Many of us are well aware of the health benefits of avocados, but do you ever wonder if you can grow an avocado tree indoors? You would be surprised to know that growing avocados indoors is easier than growing it outdoors. All you need is to have a little patience to see an attractive seedling […]

How to Grow a Venus Flytrap Indoors – The Wonder Plant

Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap is an exceptionally unique and spectacular example of carnivorous plants! Combined with its lively colors and extraterrestrial appearance, this small-sized plant never fails to capture your attention. The way it grasps its prey with its little bifold jaws, and bristly fringed “teeth” makes it look like some alien landed from planet Venus. Even Charles […]

How to Make Organic Pesticides at Home

organic pesticides

Making organic pesticides at home is easier than you think. However, what could be easier than walking into you garden center and buying something off the shelf? Well, let’s talk about that a bit. Pest control is an essential task for the home gardeners to keep insects away from feasting on garden plants. However, chemical […]

How To Grow Mint Indoors – Super Easy

growing mint indoors

Mint is a fantastic, aromatic herb that is also super easy to grow indoors. Fresh mint smells incredible growing inside; it creates a relaxing, soothing atmosphere. It’s also wonderful having mint right at your fingertips for a quick hot tea, hot chocolate, or for making a much needed mojito. Did you know there are over […]

How to Grow Moringa Tree Indoors – The Miracle Tree

moringa tree

Moringa tree has always been praised for its unmatched beauty and multiple health benefits. The best thing about this tree is that you can grow a Moringa tree in your backyard and even indoors. Just by following a few simple techniques, you can grow it easily in any indoor or confined space. Design your indoor […]

How To Grow Kale Indoors – Super Food Easy Access

How to Grow Kale Indoors

Whether it’s blistering hot outside or snowy, you can enjoy fresh kale all year round, as long as you grow it indoors. Fresh kale leaves, loaded with nutrients, can be tossed in salads, juiced for a nutritious punch or stir-fried with rice – they’re yummy and healthy no matter how you eat them. Growing kale […]