What You Need To Know To Start Beekeeping

Start Beekeeping

Everyone loves fresh honey, and it’s hard to find fresher than straight from your own backyard! Beekeeping is a wonderfully engaging hobby loaded with benefits from fresh honey to an entire colony pollinating your flowers. However, like any new hobby, there are some things to study before getting invested. Here’s what you need to know to start beekeeping.

Getting the Right Equipment

Keeping bees isn’t as simple as putting a wooden box in the backyard and waiting for bees to come. First-time apiarists should consider investing in at least one good woodenware hive, gloves and a veiled hat, a smoker, and of course, the bees.

List of Beekeeping tools:

Here is a great way to learn more about getting started beekeeping:

A starting investment for beekeeping is around $800-$1000, depending on what you decide to purchase. The good news is that after the initial investment, beekeeping is a relatively cost-effective hobby. Taking good care of your equipment can have it last for years, with the only recurring initial expenses being the bees themselves.

Where To Place Your Bees

Setting up your hive is a very important thing you need to know to start beekeeping. You want to put the hive in a place that’s accessible but not so high in foot traffic that it disturbs the bees. Try to set up your hives facing the east. Facing towards the east or southeast allows your bees to start early and wake up with the morning sun.

Consider planting bee-friendly flowers around your hive. These flowers give your bees a steady supply of flowers to pollinate, leading to increased honey production.

Don’t Get Discouraged

There is no set recipe for beekeeping, and you will need to repopulate your hives now and then. Beekeepers will tell you the harsh truth; your first few colonies may leave or even die. Don’t let this discourage you from the hobby, and try to learn from your past experiences. You may feel like you’re starting from square one, but your knowledge of how to watch over your hives stays with you.

How to Start Beekeeping