Guide to Gardening on A Slope or Hill

garden on a hill

As any slope-gardener will tell you, they’re in it for the view. Whether they’re staring out at the river or gazing down at a dense forest, this is why they’ve made peace with the idea of a future spent unflinchingly pushing lawnmowers up steep inclines. The grandeur and vastness of so much landscape presents the […]

How to Grow Dragon Fruit Indoors

dragon fruit

Dragon fruit (also known as ‘pitaya’) is a tropical fruit that is best known for its oval shape covered in red, purple, pink, and yellow-colored scales, which is what earned it the name dragon fruit. In contrast to its dramatic exterior, the flesh on the inside is milky white with edible black seeds dotted all […]

How to Grow Amaryllis Indoors


We acknowledge growing Amaryllis indoors isn’t really about health food, however knowing how beautiful these blooms are and the effect they have on your mood we made an exception. So read on to learn how to grow amaryllis indoors. Amaryllis is a breathtaking winter houseplant that stands out in any location, owing to its brilliantly […]

13 Mother’s Day Gardening Gifts Your Mom Will Love

mother and daughter

If your mom is an avid gardener, there isn’t a better time for a special gardening gift than Mother’s Day! This is because it arrives right around springtime; that’s when your mom will be the busiest, working around in her garden. It’s the season to plant fresh flowers and vegetables and tend to the garden.  […]

Best Vegetables To Grow Indoors Under Lights

Best Vegetables To Grow Indoors Under Lights

You long to walk around in a sunhat and dungarees, a stalk of wheat perched precariously between your lips, to call yourself a farmer, but you live on the 12th floor. Dig a plastic container out of your recyclables. Poke holes in it and sow your grains — rye, flax, barley. Drop-in a little compost […]

How To Grow Rosemary Indoors

growing a rosemary plant

Do you like to cook with fresh herbs? Then you’ve probably spent at least a fiver on those small, plastic sachets of limp, wilting rosemary or basil since this column began. You could just as easily have spent that money on securing a regular supply of actually fresh aromatics. Read on to learn how to […]