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How To Build And Maintain An Indoor Vertical Garden For Medicinal Herbs

How to Build and Maintain an Indoor Vertical Garden for Medicinal Herbs

Vertical gardens are popular for their creative and beautiful aesthetic. The fact that they save you space is only one of the benefits to one of these unique gardens. One of the best things about an indoor vertical garden is that it’s the perfect way to grow medicinal herbs. And you can create one inside your home or apartment without taking up a lot of room. Here, we’re going to tell you what you need to know to build and maintain an indoor vertical garden. Once you have your herbs growing strong, give vertical gardening a try with fruits and veggies, too.
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Apartment Gardening Tips Ideas For Small Indoor Spaces

Apartment Gardening Tips: Ideas for Small Indoor Spaces

Living in an apartment limits the amount of space you have and you often don’t get a yard, balcony, or outdoor space of your own. If you live in a big apartment complex without a yard, you can’t even speak to your landlord about starting an outside garden. Well, don’t feel you have to do without some greenery in your living space just because you don't have a backyard. Even if all you have is a window, you can accomplish so much. There are several options for growing plants inside your apartment. We’ve gathered all our best apartment gardening tips so you can create your own.
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