How to hang and organize garden tools?

How to Hang and Organize Garden Tools?

Garden tools are essential for maintaining a beautiful and well-kept garden. However, they can easily become cluttered and difficult to find if not properly organized. In this article, we will explore different methods and ideas on how to hang and organize garden tools effectively, ensuring easy access and maximizing space utilization.

Using Pegboard Hooks

One popular method for hanging garden tools is using pegboard hooks. Pegboards are versatile and allow you to customize your tool storage based on the size and shape of your tools. For tools with holes in their handles, such as shovels, rakes, and hoes, pegboard hooks with a curved end can be inserted into the holes, keeping the tools securely in place.

For tools without holes, such as hand trowels, pruners, and shears, straight pegboard hooks can be used. These hooks can be easily inserted into the pegboard and provide a sturdy hold for the tools. It is recommended to arrange smaller tools at the top and longer ones at the bottom of the pegboard, allowing for better visibility and space utilization.

From House to Home provides more detailed information about using pegboard hooks for hanging garden tools.

Using PVC Pipes

Another creative and effective method for organizing garden tools is by using PVC pipes. PVC pipes can be easily attached to a wooden board or wall, allowing for tools to be hung upright and organized.

The PVC pipes can be cut at an angle to provide a better grip for the tools. Simply drill holes into the wooden board or wall, insert the angled end of the PVC pipe, and secure it in place. This method works well for tools with longer handles, such as rakes, brooms, and shovels.

One Crazy House provides more detailed information about using PVC pipes for hanging garden tools.

Other Creative DIY Storage Solutions

In addition to pegboard hooks and PVC pipes, there are various other creative DIY storage solutions for organizing garden tools. Here are some ideas:

  • Purchasing a potting bench with shelves or drawers
  • Using wall-mounted hooks or corner tool keepers
  • Creating DIY storage solutions using repurposed or low-cost items
  • Repurposing items like spice holders, belt or pants hangers, recipe boxes, broken rakes, mailboxes, shower caddies, old milk carriers, buckets filled with sand, etc.
  • Outlining the shape of the tools on the wall for easy identification and organization

For more detailed information on these DIY storage solutions, you can visit Gardening Know How.

Exploring DIY Garden Tool Storage Plans

If you enjoy building and crafting, you can explore various DIY garden tool storage plans. House Grail provides a list of 20 DIY garden tool storage plans, ranging from easy to advanced difficulty.

These plans use materials such as plywood, dimensional lumber, PVC pipe, and pallets. Some storage ideas include a garden tool storage wall, a portable tool storage shed on wheels, a garden tool rack, a potting bench, and a garden storage box.

More DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas

There are plenty of other DIY garden tool storage ideas you can explore. Balcony Garden Web provides a comprehensive list of 21 ideas that can help you organize your garden tools effectively.

  • Build a storage shed
  • Install an outdoor storage bench
  • Create a simple tool rack
  • Use a zombie wall for storage
  • Repurpose old pallets to make a garden table
  • Make a vertical pallet garden tools holder
  • Turn a recycled water hose into a tool storage solution
  • Use an old mailbox as a tool shed
  • Build a bike storage shack with planting space on top
  • Install an outdoor storage locker
  • Build a potting bench for gardening tools
  • Arrange garden tools on an old rake hung on the wall
  • Use PVC pipes for garden tool storage
  • Hang gardening tools on strips of scrap wood with hooks or knobs
  • Fill clay pots with sand to store garden tools
  • Repurpose an old file cabinet into a storage space with pegboards
  • Install a pegboard in the garden shed for tool storage
  • Use a basic tool basket for small gardening tools
  • Hang garden hoses on coat hangers
  • Create a garden closet for tool storage
  • Use an oversized obelisk for storing large hand-held gardening tools


Organizing and hanging garden tools can greatly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your garden space. Whether you choose to use pegboard hooks, PVC pipes, or explore DIY storage solutions, having a well-organized tool storage system will make gardening tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

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Q: Why is it important to hang and organize garden tools?

Hanging and organizing garden tools offers several benefits. It increases efficiency by making tools easily accessible. It saves space, allowing for a neat and clutter-free garden area. Additionally, it prolongs the lifespan of tools by protecting them from damage and rust.

Q: What tools are commonly used for hanging garden tools?

There are various tools that can be used for hanging garden tools. These include hooks, racks, and pegboards. Hooks are versatile and can be easily installed on walls or other surfaces. Racks provide a larger storage capacity and are suitable for garages or sheds. Pegboards offer customizable storage options but require more upfront installation work.

Q: How to choose the right location for hanging garden tools?

When selecting a location, consider factors such as accessibility, protection from the elements, and proximity to the garden. A shed, garage, or outdoor wall are common choices. Ensure the location is easily reachable and offers shelter to prevent tools from getting damaged by weather conditions.

Q: What is the step-by-step process for hanging and organizing garden tools?

1. Assess your tools – Evaluate the types and sizes of tools to determine the best hanging method for each.
2. Gather necessary materials – Make a list of materials needed, such as screws, hooks, and brackets.
3. Prepare the hanging area – Clean and declutter the chosen space to ensure it is ready for organizing tools.
4. Install hooks or racks – Follow installation instructions to correctly mount hooks or racks on walls or other surfaces.
5. Hang the tools – Securely hang different types of garden tools, ensuring they are easily accessible.
6. Organize and arrange tools – Categorize and arrange tools in a way that makes them easy to find when needed.

Q: What are some maintenance and care tips for hanging garden tools?

To maintain hanging garden tools, keep the hanging area clean and well-maintained. Regularly inspect and clean the tools to ensure they remain in good condition. This will help prevent rust and extend their lifespan.